User research with adult social care

Hello, my name is Ivanka and I do user research.

User research gives a team the understanding it needs to design a good user experience. It also enables us to test any service and evaluate how well it meets its users’ needs.


I’ve just joined the digital first team at Brighton & Hove City Council. The first project I am going to focus on is with adult social care.

The council works with many different adult social care providers in the city. We pay them to provide care and support services to our citizens. We’re responsible for the safety and quality of that care. We ask providers to give us data to help us monitor and evaluate their service.

My job will be to understand the user needs of the people who provide the adult social care and the user needs of council staff who work with them. Those user needs will be used to develop and evaluate the tools that are used.

If your organisation provides adult social care in the city, you’ll almost certainly be hearing from me and, if you don’t, please feel free to get in touch.