Developing a new Brighton & Hove City Council website

In my last blog post, I wrote about developing new digital services for Brighton & Hove. The centrepiece of this work will be a new Brighton & Hove City Council website.

Brighton & Hove City Council beta website
Brighton & Hove City Council beta website

Developing a new website

When developing a new website, there are many stages to go through. These include:

  • auditing your existing website to get a complete picture of what web content is available
  • exploring website analytics to see how people engage with your web pages
  • speaking to customers to see how they use your website and what they’d like in a new website
  • creating a new website structure
  • creating a new website design, and
  • usability testing.

The initial research stage

The initial research stage is crucial in understanding how people use the Brighton & Hove City Council website. Before we move forward, we need a view of where we are now.

We’re currently auditing the entire website, section by section, page by page. We’re also running reports through Google Analytics to see which areas of the website are used the most.

Other data we’re gathering includes:

  • whether people access the site via a mobile, tablet or desktop device
  • how people enter and exit the website, and
  • whether people are new or returning users.

Once the content and data audit is complete, we’ll have a complete picture of the website and how people across the city, and beyond, use the site.

We’ll publish our high level findings once we have them, so you can also understand how our website is used.

What do you think?

As we work on new areas, we’ll blog about the work we’re doing. We always welcome your feedback, so please leave a comment below or email¬†