And it’s goodnight from me…

My time at Brighton and Hove City Council is almost up. My last day is Thursday 28th March and I’ll be sad to go.

I expected to be here for three months working on an account for businesses. But I met some amazing colleagues doing user centred work and decided to stay on.

Hats off to you great people. Thanks to the Digital First originals (Ali, Annie, Beckah, Charlotte, Gary, Nora and Ollie) and all the talented individuals we met along the way. Peak DF was 31 people – too many to mention here – but I’m grateful to you all.

Charlotte, Annie and Nora setting up the original Digital First wall in Jan 2017

When I left the Government Digital Service, I wanted to work more closely with users. That’s definitely happened. By collaborating with real citizens, businesses and community groups we’ve been able to do good work.

I’m proud of the work I did as a Product Manager. I’m proud of the big projects we took on as a team. Things like:

  • reworking the systems that run the city’s bin collections
  • the application process for schools (hours of testing!)
  • rethinking Pest Control from the ground up
  • creating a new platform for managing the city’s volunteers
  • Design Dave’s awesome design system

It’s essential work that keeps Brighton & Hove moving. As a new team forms in April, I wish you all the very best.

For more of the same, I’m on Twitter.

Digital First values by Ivanka and team

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