What’s new in Sprint 6

We’re posting updates here at the end of every sprint, and here are our previous instalments.

Like most UK organisations, a few of our team are taking holiday this month. But, we’re still busy and here are the highlights of the last fortnight:

It’ll soon be really easy to find your parking zone
    • We built an alpha allowing residents to quickly look up their parking zone and find out how much a permit costs. Previously residents would need to cross-reference web pages, PDFs and a map to get the same information
    • Our Pest Control app has been live for a while, and we’ve been adding features based on genuine feedback. Now colleagues can do quick risk assessments in the app rather than on paper – a time saving bonus.
    • We want the Digital First team to be positive and productive, so over the last few weeks we’ve talked about team values. We’ve now got a few short statements to live and work by, and you can see them below.
    • Universal Credit is being rolled out in Brighton & Hove this autumn. We have been doing discovery work alongside the Welfare Reform Team on how best to direct potential claimants. In the next sprint, we’ll start building an online filtering app to help people work out their eligibility and get the help they need.

That’s your lot for sprint 6. We’ll back in a fortnight with another update.

Digital First’s new team values set out how we work

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