What’s new in Sprint 5

Our team now works in two week blocks (called sprints). After each sprint, one of us will post an update here. I seem to have drawn the short straw!

After Sprint 4’s action packed instalment, we’ve followed up with a fortnight of smaller products, bug fixes and discovery for future releases.

It’s now much easier for carers to make a back up plan

Here are some of the highlights:

  • In Adult Social Care, we’ve made it much easier for carers to make a backup plan in case something happens to them. Previously it involved Word docs and a lot of downloading/ uploading
  • Cityclean’s report a problem app has been live for a couple of weeks and we’ve acted on feedback from the team and customers using the service. It’s good to be able to iterate products after they go live, and we expect to make more tweaks in the future
  • Also in Cityclean, we’ve created new reports for the Garden Waste service, so our colleagues can keep tabs on progress
  • We’ve built an alpha of how the schools admissions service could work. It’s been tested with users and we’re just about ready to start on a beta version
  • Beckah and Khalid on our dev team scaled a mountain of job applications for our new Junior Digital Developer role and met some great candidates. We’ll be in touch with the successful ones shortly

We count story points every sprint and are starting to get a pretty good idea of what we can achieve in a couple of weeks. This is really handy when it comes to planning future work.

Hope you’re finding these release notes useful. Sprint 6 started on Wednesday and we’ll update you in a couple of weeks.

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