What’s new – the first in a ongoing series

Our Digital First team is charging ahead right now and we’re releasing lots of new online features and fixes, big and small. Mentioning everything we’re doing would take ages, but we thought you would be interested in the highlights.

We work in two week blocks (called sprints), so I’m aiming to write one of these every fortnight. (He says putting a reminder in the calendar).

The new Report A Problem admin app for Cityclean colleagues

We’ve just finished Sprint 4 and here’s a few highlights:

  • We’ve built the first few pages of our new website and closed/ redirected the old beta website. The paint is still fresh, so there’s a lot we’re still working on. We’ll blog about the site again in the next couple of weeks
  • It’s now much easier to report a problem such as broken glass, fly tipping and, everyone’s favourite, dog mess. Plus our Cityclean colleagues have a shiny new admin system to boot
  • Many of our older forms have received a facelift too. Here’s one
  • In adult social care, we’ve reviewed the Access Point page to make it much easier to see what help is available

  • The Council Tax direct debit form is now easier to use and customers can get an eBill within 4 days
  • While our Pest Control officers have got the benefit of a new app we built for them a couple of months ago, colleagues on the admin team had to wrestle with taking payments on two systems – yuck. Happily we’ve got a fix for this now and are starting to roll it out to them

  • The Pest Control app also has a few new features for customers. Reminder emails now allow appointments to be changed. Also text message reminders aren’t sent in the middle of the night, which is a bonus

Thanks for reading. Sprint 5 kicked off yesterday and we’ll update you in a fortnight.

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