How to think and be digital

The Digital First team is always reading and learning about the best way to make digital transformation happen.

Many local and central government organisations are doing great work. It’s reassuring when we see someone doing something similar to us and it’s working. It shows we’re on the right track.

This blog post from the DEFRA Digital team falls into that camp. Like us they’re changing the culture of their organisation for the better. Both our teams are agile, we do our work in the open, we show the things we build as much as possible.

We’re also starting to think about communities of practice. Already there’s a Product Manager community in our team, and we’re finding other communities across the council and the city to be part of.

This quote from the DEFRA blog post stands out:

One important lesson I’ve learnt is that the people matter most. Talking solves a lot. Pick up phones, walk to see people, say hi, say thanks. People are the solution to all our problems. People over process.

We wholeheartedly agree. While a lot of the work we do is technical, it’s actually about people and how they work together.

When Ali shared the DEFRA blog post in our team Whatsapp group, Product Manager Annie asked Developer Khalid to make something to sum up our thoughts. This is what he posted.

If you’re doing digital transformation work in the city or further afield, we’d love to hear what works for you. Please post below or drop us a line.

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